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Ancrona and Movement Sales Partner in joint venture with focus on specialization and growth!

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Ancrona and Movement Sales Partner in joint venture with focus on specialization and growth!

Today the boards of Movement Sales Partner AB and Ancrona AB have announced the decision to establish a joint venture: USP Sweden AB. The new company becomes the 100 % owner of Ancrona and Movement Sales Partner.

The companies will continue as separate entities with main focus on ”specialization” as a key strategy. The overall objective is to present a broader and more competitive offer to both current and potential clients, but also to become more attractive for other brand suppliers, whether they are already present on the Swedish market or planning to enter.

"The new structure increases our level of specialization as a true sales company. In addition, new routes are being opened to offer a broader range of services through our sister company Ancrona. Everything based on the needs and wishes of our clients, "says Per Ericsson CEO at Movement Sales Partner.

All key people will continue in their current positions. Peter Nordwall will continue as CEO of Ancrona and Per Ericsson continues as CEO of Movement Sales Partner. Both companies are in a phase of organic growth with the implication that no employee reduction is required.

"The creation of the new group takes external sales and marketing solutions to a new level. To be a supplier in the Swedish grocery market is becoming increasingly complex and margins are squeezed. Therefore, cost-effective and professional sales processes are required both centrally and locally. I look forward to developing our new group to Sweden's leading sales and marketing company for brand suppliers seeking a professional third-party solution, "comments Peter Nordwall, CEO of Ancrona.


For more information please contact:

Peter Nordwall, CEO Ancrona                  Per Ericsson, CEO Movement Sales Partner

Phone: 0733-97 85 00                              Phone: 0709-96 95 50

Mail: peter.nordwall@ancrona.se             Mail: per.ericsson@movementsalespartner.se




About Ancrona:

Ancrona is one of Sweden's major sales and import companies for fast-moving consumer goods. The company celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. http://www.ancrona.se/en

About Movement Sales Partner:

For almost 50 years, Movement Sales Partner (MSP) has offered specialized sales services to actors in the Swedish grocery market. MSP is today # 2 among companies that specialize in field sales services for the grocery and restaurant sectors. http://www.movementsalespartner.se/in-english/

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